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Q. How do I schedule a smoke detector inspection when I sell my house?

Smoke detector inspections are conducted by FD personnel on Tuesdays and Thursdays between 3pm and 5pm. To arrange for an inspection call Fire Headquarters at 437-3940.

Q. Does the fire department pump flooded basements?

Yes. The fire department will respond to a residence and make a determination if there is sufficient water to be pumped. In most cases, fire pumps are NOT effective with water levels below 1 inch deep. For a water emergency dial 911.

Q. Why does the fire engine sometimes respond with the rescue truck?

A fire engine responds with the rescue on all EMS calls that are of an unknown nature or may require advanced life support or additional manpower. The firefighters assigned to the fire engine are trained to the same Cardiac EMT level as the members assigned to the rescue. Therefore, the engine crew can assist the members of rescue by obtaining EKG's, starting IV's, securing patient airways, performing CPR, and administering medications. In extreme medical emergencies an engine company member will serve as a driver for the rescue. This allows both EMT's assigned to the rescue the ability to care for the patient while enroute to the hospital.

Q. Will the fire department come to my school to talk about fire safety?

National Fire Prevention week is October 10th – 14th. The fire department visits local schools to discuss fire safety with students. To schedule a visit call the Fire Department at 437-3940.

Q. What hospitals does the Barrington Rescue transport to?

Barrington Rescue transports patients to RI Hospital, Miriam, Roger Williams, Hasbro Children’s, Women and Infants, and Pawtucket Memorial.

Q. Where do I install smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors?

The current fire code, as set by the RI Division of State Fire Marshal, requires smoke detectors to be placed as follows;
A. Structures built prior to June 30, 1976 through February3, 2004.
Place at the highest habitable level and every level below. Outside the bedrooms and at the bottom of the basement stairs ceiling mounted.

B. Structures built after February 3, 2004. Same placement as above, except smoke detectors IN ALL BEDROOMS.

Q. How do I become a firefighter in the Town of Barrington?

The Town of Barrington announces employment opportunities in Local Newspapers and on its web-site. Applicants must be 18 YOA and possess a current State of RI EMT Cardiac certification. Applicants will undergo a battery of physical and written tests during the hiring process. For more information contact the BFD secretary at 437-3940.

Q. Is outside buring allowed in Barrington?

In some cases the Fire Chief will allow small bon fires or other ceremonial fires.  No burning is allowed without approval from the Fire Chief.  This includes fire pits and chimineas (decorative ceramic or metal outdoor wood burning apparatus)  Lowes and Home Depot sells these units however they are illegal in the Town of Barrington. Please refer to the following section of the towns code:

§ 78-1. Outdoor burning without permit prohibited

[Amended 10-7-2002 by Ord. No. 2002-5]
Except for clambakes or cooking of food on barbecues, fireplaces or grills, all outdoor burning within the Town of Barrington is prohibited unless a permit shall have been granted for ceremonial bonfires and campfires, conservation enhancement, Fire Department training, and emergency disposal of debris in accordance with the provisions of § 78-2 hereof.

§ 78-2. Permit application procedure; conditions.

Any person seeking to engage in outdoor burning shall make application for a permit to the Fire Chief of the Town of Barrington at least forty-eight (48) hours in advance of the date of such proposed burning. All such applications shall: (1) Describe the material to be burned. 
(2) Describe the location of the proposed fire and all structures within one hundred (100) feet. 
(3) Describe in detail the fire prevention measures to be taken. 
(4) Also contain such other information as the application form shall require. 

B. In any case in which a permit shall have been granted by the Fire Chief, the applicant may change the date on which such burning is to take place by giving written notice of such new date to the Fire Department, and no new permit or fee shall be required. 
C. All fires conducted pursuant to permits granted hereunder shall comply with the following terms and conditions: [Amended 6-8-1987 by Ord. No. 87-5; 9-14-1987 by Ord. No. 87-7; 8-6-1990 by Ord. No. 90-5; 10-7-2002 by Ord. No. 2002-5] 

Updated: September 29, 2013
Fire pits and Chimineas are ILLEGAL in Barrington per Town Ordinance 78-1
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