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  The BFD was called out Sunday evening for a report of a woman trapped between 2 trees.  Fire alarm dispatched Engine1 and Rescue 1.  Upon arrival firefighters found a woman 40ft up and pined upside down by a large tree limb.  The incident commander recognized that this was a technical rescue and would require additional resources to rescue the woman.  A special signal was made to East Providence Fire for a Ladder truck.  Barrington's Ladder-1 was out of town being serviced.
  East Providence Fire arrived on scene with a Ladder, Special Hazards Unit, Engine 1 and their Battalion Chief.  An incident action plan was established and the 2 agency's were able to free the woman.
  The following article was published in the Barrington Times.
Off duty BFD firefighter Nick Caisse was able to capture
the photos of the F1 tornado off Barrington Beach shortly after a tornado warning was issued by the weather service.  
Nicks photos were broadcast all over the major news 
networks after a Super Cell thunder storm passed through 
Rhode Island yesterday causing widespread damage.  It was confirmed late Thursday that it was an F1 tornado that moved off the bay and cut a 4.5 mile path through Warren and Swansea, Ma.

Click below for Nicks photos and exclusive interview live 
with Ch 12 Meteorologist Tony Petrarka and on Ch 7 in Boston.
  On Wednesday August 16 at the Town Council Meeting, FF Edward Owens was sworn in as a new Lieutenant at the BFD.  Ed is an 11 year veteran of the deparment and will be in charge of B-Group.  

  Members from the department, public, and all of Ed's family were there to congratulate Ed at the promotional ceremony.  Best of luck to Lt. Owens in his new position.  Click below to open photos of the pinning ceremony.

Chief Bessette addressing the Town Council.
Lt. Owens being sworn in as a new officer.
Lt. Owens being sworn in as a new officer with his youngest daughter holding his hand.
Lt. edward owens in front of the Barrington Town Hall.

A fire at 86 Markwood Dr yesterday caused minor damage to the exterior structure.  Barrington Fire Alarm received calls for the fire at 1737 hrs.  

Engine 1 Rescue 1 and the ladder responded to find a 2 story wood frame under construction with smoke and fire coming from the basement area.  The entire residence was covered by a large tarp, smoke and flame were seen at ground level .  Lt Owens quickly  determined the flames were seated on the exterior of the residence and were extinguished with a single hand line.

The Barrington Fire Department is proud to announce the hiring of Jesus Sanchez-Hernandez.   The vacancy was created after a senior BFD member retired.

He  started work at Fire Headquarters on September 2nd and will be trained extensively for one year.  After one year of training  Jesus' performance will be evaluated and he will be eligible for permanent status with the Barrington Fire Department.

Mr Sanchez, 42, was born and raised in Mexico City, Mexico.  He lived in California before moving to Barrington 1 year ago.  Jesus is married and has 2 small children.
 Jesus Sanchez-Hernandez
Barrington Firefighters stand-by for  the landing and take-off  News Chopper 12 at BHS.
The fire watch detail consisted of members, (L-R), FF Matt Higgins, FF David Fredrick   
Sunday March 15th Barrington and Seekonk Professional Firefighters shaved their heads in a fundraiser for childrens cancer.  Members participated in "St Baldricks Day"  A national organization that raises funds through donations for childhood cancer research and treatment.

Both departments raised over $11,000 for the cause.
Marine 1 was recently placed back in service after being equipped with a 20 HP Honda fire pump and an Elkhart Stingray Monitor. Also a 10 gallon class-A foam cell was just installed to the vessel to aide in fire suppression. 
The BFD responded to 4 major car accidents January 29th and 30th.  A steady snow followed by rain caused slick conditions that contributed to the crashes.  All injuries reported were minor with some patients requiring transport to RIH for evaluation.  

Above FF Matt Kane on the Wampanoag Trail using the "Jaws of Life Cutters" to access the engine compartment of a smashed vehicle.
2 Small nuisance fires during March 2 snow storm
Thursday 3/12 C-group was dispatched to a reported laundary room fire on Nayatt Rd via 911.  Station-1 and Chief 1 responded at approximatly 1050hrs.  Enroute, fire alarm advised units that the alarm company for the residence was reporting multiple alarm activations on the 2nd and 3rd floor.

Lt. Mckenna reported a "code red" on the 2nd floor in the laundary room.  Crews stretched an 1 3/4 and made a quick knock down.
17 members from Station 1 in May spent the day at a live training burn at the Union Fire District in South Kingston.  All members drilled in fire attack, search and rescue, fire behavior and Incident Command.  We hope to visit the burn facility twice a year to improve our firefighting skills
Members of C-group responded to a marine rescue early Wednesday morning July 22nd.  Fire alarm received reports that a  a 24 year old male jumped off the White Church Bridge with another male around 1 AM.  One of the jumpers surfaced and made it to shore and the other did not.

Act Lt. Moreau  immediatly requested assistance from East Providence, Seekonk and Warren Fire Departments as well as from the RI State Police.  A Coast Guard Rescue Helicopter was also requested.

All agencies searched for over 2 days before the body of the victim was recovered on the morning of July 24th

FF's Sanchez, Hopkins and Caisse recovering the body of the victim on Marine 2.
Coast Guard Rescue 1 on a second fly-by of the Barrington River in the early morning hours.
Barrington firefighter Matt Kane, was recently recognized by the Bristol County Elks for a heroic effort last fall.

FF Kane, a Newport resident, was driving through that city when he came upon an occupied 3 story residence involved in fire.  FF Kane was the first individual on scene and immediately entered the flaming dwelling and ascended to the upper floors to check for occupants.  FF Kane was able to locate a youth on the second floor and helped him out the building to safety.  There were no other occupants inside.

FF Kane had no protective equipment or fire suppression apparatus with him during the rescue.  In the proudest traditions of being a firefighter,  FF Kane risked his own life for another and the fire service is proud of his quick action.

ABOVE PHOTO: FF Kane,  Barrington Fire Chief  Gerald Bessette, Barrington Town Council member John Lazzaro, (Ret.) Lt Richard Schauble and Barrington Town Mgr. Peter De Angelis
Photo Courtesy of eastbayri.com
Barrington firefighters recently trained on the Massachusettes Interlocal Ins. Association Driver Training simulator.  
Side 1 of the fire building.  Arriving units were faced with fire venting from this basement window.
Rear of the house.  Fire was venting out of the 3 basement windows and the rear door.  An elderly woman was pulled from the bottom right window.
View of side 3 and 4 of the basement interior
View of the bedroom in the basement on side 3 and 4.  An elderly female was pulled from this room out of the basement window.
View of the master bedroom on the first floor side 3.  Fire burned through the floor and extended into this space.
Bottom of the basement stairs
Bottom of the basement stairs
The Barrington fire Department responded to a fully involved basement fire at 4 Colonial Ave. 
Barrington Police were dispatched to investigate a report of a 911 hang-up at the above location. Moments later, BFD dispatch began receiving 911 calls from neighbors reporting a house fire.
Barrington FD dispatched 2 engines a ladder and an ALS rescue. While enroute, fire alarm advised this was a confirmed working fire. Lt Owens immediately requested a second alarm bringing an East Providence engine and a ladder to the scene along with Warrens Special Hazards.
First arriving units found fire venting from a basement window on side 1 along with thick black smoke pushing from the first floor windows. The first 1 3/4 line was stretched in the rear basement door. Crews were faced with heavy fire venting from all lower level windows on side 3 as well. The fire then spread to the first floor master bed and kitchen. At the height of the operation there were 3 hand lines deployed to extinguish the fire utilizing class-A foam. 
7 family members, the youngest being 6 months, were displaced by the fire. An elderly female had to be pulled from a basement window in her bedroom by a family member due to her primary means of egress being block by fire.
The new E-2 is in service.  A 2009 International made by KME.  1250 Hale pump with a 750 tank.  This engine will replace the old E-2, a 1983 Ford. Click thumbnail for larger views.
The pink fire truck will be manned by fire fighters from across Rhode Island who believe that honoring women and wearing her color can help fight cancer.  If wearing pink and driving a pink fire truck can make one women smile who is suffering from this terrible disease, we have met our goal. We simply wont stop there!  This truck and our men in pink  will drive until cancer is no longer threatening our women. 

Photos below of  Barrington Firefighters showing support for Breast Cancer and the RI Chapter of the Pink Heels.  Thanks to FF Dave Paull for organizing the Barrington Event.
Barrington firefighters responded to a structure fire on Old River Rd Saturday at 12pm.  The initial report was for “a fire in the wall”.  Police arrived on scene first and reported to fire alarm that there was heavy smoke pushing from all floors of the 200 year old colonial with fire showing at the roof line.  Lt Owens immediately requested a 2rd alarm bringing an engine, ladder and a BC from East Providence.  In addition to the 2nd alarm, Warren Fire Dept. sent Tower 1 to the fire scene and Engine 1 to provide station coverage at BFD Headquarters.  Engine 4 from the HMVFC also responded to the scene with several members.  The Providence Canteen provided rehab for firefighters on scene. 

Barrington’s new Engine 2, which went in service only 2 weeks ago, was first in.  A working fire was called.  Ladder 1 laid in an 800ft LDH feeder and then took the roof after it was determined that this structure was of balloon construction.  The attack crew stretched an  1 ¾ to the second floor and found zero visibility and fire in one of the bedrooms.  Crews began pulling the 2nd floor ceilings and walls and found the fire had made it to the attic.   
While crews were knocking down fire on the second floor, a complete ceiling collapse occurred briefly trapping a BFD member, he was located and uninjured.  

Members placed 3 hand lines in operation and with significant overhaul were able to knock down the fire and save the structure.  The residence sustained severe fire and water damage.   Crews were on the scene for several hours overhauling extensively. 

FF's Scott Carroll and Matt Kane assending to the roof for ventilation.  Photo from Joan Warren
Conditions as the first engine pulled up.
photo from  www.pcfn.org Dan Taylor
photo from  www.pcfn.org Dan Taylor
photo from  www.pcfn.org Dan Taylor
FF's Scott Carroll and Matt Kane assending to the roof for ventilation.  Photo from Joan Warren
FF Matt Kane overhauling.  Photo by Bob Flauss
photo by Bob Flauss
Barringtons new Engine 2 at it's first working fire.  Photo by C. Johnson
photo by Bob Flauss

Barrington's Ladder 1 and Rescue 2 were dispatched for a report of a vehicle into a building overnight Tuesday, November 24, 2009. Warren PD stated one of their patrol cars was almost struck head-on by a Nissan Maxima at approximately 1:30 a.m. 
     Warren PD pursued the vehicle into Barrington where the BPD had set up positions to take over the chase. The fleeing driver reached speeds estimated between 80-90 mph as he drove north on Route 114. As the driver approached a sharp turn at Rumstick Road, he lost control snapping a light pole off it's base, plowed through a grass median, struck three 12x12 guardrail posts and then smashed into the picture windows at the corner of Ace Hardware and a private driveway causing extensive damage to the store and a parked vehicle in the driveway.
     The driver was not restrained and subsequently struck the windshield with his head. The driver was transported to RI hospital and bought a trauma room.
Wednesday January 6th A-Group was dispatched for a residential fire alarm at 4 Stanhope.  The letter carrier delivered the mail at the residence and heard a smoke alarm sounding and contacted the fire department.  E2 arrived on scene and reported a moderate smoke condition upon entering the residence.  Upon  further investigation crews found 3 large plastic trash barrels with their contents completely destroyed along with some of the exposures.  The fire was in a smoldering stage and still generating smoke.  It was determined that a nearby 5 gallon plastic water jug had melted as a result of the fire and spilled its contents onto the fire, extinguishing the flames.

Also this week crews responded to a report of a "coffee pot that melted" on 4 Sachem from the homeowner who called Fire Alarm and stated he wanted the smoke removed from his residence.  E1 arrived and found a substantial amount of smoke pushing out the front door.  Crews entered the residence and discovered a small kitchen fire that had extended beyond the "coffee pot" and caused significant damage to the kitchen area.  The fire extended upward in a classic "V" pattern igniting the underside of the cabinets, the doors and had begun to extend outward on the ceiling.  The homeowner was in his bedroom with the door closed and wanted to retrieve a cigarette from the kitchen.  When he opened the bedroom door he noticed the smoke and found the fire in the kitchen.  The resident was able to get the fire knocked down enough with the hose from the sink.
On May 14th Barrington Fire fighters along with members of  The HMVFC (Engine-4) participated in a live fire training at the Union Fire District's burn building in South County.

BFD members conducted several live fire evolutions over 8 1/2 hours.  Members trained in interior fire attack, Vent Enter Search (VES) and roof ventilation.

This was the second year that BFD members attended Union's burn facility.  The instructors were from various Fire Departments around New England and provided Barrington Fire with valuable information to help them better serve the citizens of  town
FF Sanchez, Lt Owens, Chief Bessette, FF's Leighton Moreau and DeStefano
FF's Caisse and Carroll
FF's Hopkins, Carroll, Higgins and Caisse
Athe the table- FF's Giardina, Kane and E.Paull
FF Moreau
FF Fanion
FF's Carroll, Higgins and Caisse
ff Carroll
BFD members swapping out breathing apparatus
FF Leighton at the accountability board
Photo courtesy of HMVFC
Photo courtesy of HMVFC
Photo courtesy of HMVFC
Photo courtesy of HMVFC
Lt Owens and DC Mitchell go over the accountability board.  Photo courtesy of HMVFC
BFD's D-Group was toned out for a reported rollover on the Wampanoag Trail near Vitullos Curve around 1AM.  Units arrived to find a a vehicle on it's side after rolling over and striking a tree.

A 19 year old female was the only occupant and crews utilized the Jaws of Life to free her.  R1 transported the patient to RI for treatment.
Barrington Fire is proud to welcome 3 new recruits to our ranks.  The 3 new trainees will be training on days under the direction of Training Officer Lt Owens for the next several weeks. (L-R) Trainees, Patrick Dyer, David Cardarelli, Ryan Cardoso

Barrington Firefighters shaved their heads in recognition of St Baldrick's Day,  Wednesday night at McFaddens Pub in Providence.  Barrington's members raised just under $5000 in the past 3 years.  This year members raised $1585 for Wednesdays event.

St Baldrick's Foundation is the world’s largest volunteer-driven fundraising program for childhood cancer research, and today the St. Baldrick's Foundation funds more in childhood cancer research grants than any organization except the U.S. government. Since 2000, more than 147,000 volunteers -- including over 12,000 women -- have shaved in solidarity with children with cancer at events in dozens of countries and every U.S. state. Thanks to generous friends and family, these shavees have raised over $90 million for life-saving research, and each is a walking billboard for the cause!
Prob FF, Ryan Cardozo, FF Ted Paull, FF Matt Kane, FF Joe Giardina, FF Ian Hopkins,  FF Jesus Sanchez and Prob FF Pat Dyer,  
The BFD received 45 emergency calls in the first 24 hours of the storm.  members responded to numerous calls for transformer fires, hazardous conditions, trees crashing on homes along with several medical related incidents that were storm related.  Below are some photos around town of the damage. 
Rapid Intervention Training photos