1916 Maxim Chemical hose wagon.  Barrington's first piece of fire apparatus
1916 Maxim Chemical hose wagon.  Barrington's first piece of fire apparatus
Late 1920,s early 1930's General operating at a multiple alarm fire at the Rhode Island Country Club in 1950
Early apparatus photos.  the top photo shows an accident between a BFD pumper and an oil truck.
This is the first 1944 "Stainislaw Sefsick Memorial" Ambulance in service at BFD.
Early Cadillac "Rescue2"  This is the second "Stainislaw Sefsick Memorial" Ambulance in service at BFD.
Fire Fighter Heman Gardner poses along side of Engine 3  a 1940's Ward.
FF Danny Brant driving in 1957
1957 Maxim 65ft ladder.  This is the original delivery photo.
Chief's vehicle driven by William Carlone
FF William Palmieri with the new 1962 Chevy Appache civil defence rescue.  This rig retired and became the towns mosquito spraying unit for a number of years.
1960 Ward LaFrance factory broshure of Barrington 
Engine 1.
FF Norman Medeiros and FF Bishop 1960.
This is a 1970 Ford.  This served as the departments Special "Rescue Unit".  It carried specialty equipment for use in critical rescues and fires.  L-R is Florent Desilets and FF Paul Cloutier
1963 Maxim being operated by Captain Lombardi in a parade with "Mrs Fire Prevention" riding along.
1972 Ward LaFrance 1000 GPM Pumper on ramp at Rumstick Rd. station
Ice Rescue boats
1994 Pierce Dash parked on ramp at station 1 on Federal Rd. Now reportedly in service over seas.
1984 Ford Wheeled Coach gasoline 460 V8
2001 Ford F150. Sold to private buyer
1982 Ford / Ranger C 600.  Now in service at Chappell Hill, TN
1996 Ford E-450 / Road Rescue
Early 2000's Ford E-450 / Road Rescue. In service as the BPD Mobile Crime Unit
2001 Smeal / HME. In service in South Beach Point Roberts, WA
2006 International / Road Rescue. Now resides in Illinois
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Updated: June 6, 2021
Ladder-1  2020 E-One Cyclone 1500/500 100' RMA
Engine 1 - 2006 KME Predator 1500/750/25A/30B
Engine 2 - 2009 International/KME 1250/750/25A (Bulldog Re-furb 2020)
Rescue-2 2016 Ford F-550 
Rescue-3 (RESERVE) 2011 International/Horton
Utility-1 2009 Ford F-350
Car-21 2011 Ford Explorer
Car-1 2020 Ford Explorer
Rescue-1 2020 Ford/Lifeline F-550