FF's Jason Fanion & Scott CarrollLT. PAUL McGIVERGAN STRATFORD FIRELAKE AVE FIREFF RICHARD MacKAY LAKE AVE FIREFF Chris ONEILL WITH THE SPREADERSFF Jason Fanion, Lt McKivergan(RET), Lt G.Hughes (RET)/ FF Ed Owens on nozzle.Multiple alarm fire 550 Middle HwyE-2 IFO 550 Middle HwyConditions upon arrival at fire in Barrington Middle SchoolFF Scott Carroll at basement fire on Narragansett Ave.SUV fire on Robbins DrFF's Moreau and Steve D. with K-12 SAWRollover Sowams Rd.Rolover Sowams Rd.Lt Mckivergan (ret) and FF Ed Owens operating on the roof at appartment fire on Maple AveLt Greg Hughes (ret) decends to basement fire on Stanhope Dr.Stanhope fireMarina fire, view from Tyler PointFF Scott Carroll assending to make an attack on boat.FF's Carroll and Leighton at Stanleys MarinaGas leak and explosion on Sowams Rd.Sowams Gas explosionPilling Chain FireDrilling rig fireFF Guy Collins at Jeep fire on Rt 114FF Joe Giardina on the deuce at Garage fireFF Ed Owens at garage fire on  Soams RdLt Paul Mckivergan (ret.) at brush fire adjacent to Cove Haven marinaStructure fire on Washington Rd. (View from neighbors yard)Sowams Rd garage fireICE RESCUE TRAINING AT BRICKYARD PONDVEHICLE EXTRICATION RT 114 SOUTHSTRUCTURE FIRENEW RESCUE BOAT TRAININGFF T. Paull at Jaws trainingTechnical rescue with East Providence fireFF's Higgins and Hopkins at 86 Markwood Dr structure fireHiggins and HopkinsMembers packing LDH on Markwood Dr.Fire 374 Maple Ave 2nd floor and atticFire 374 Maple Ave 2nd floor and atticFire 374 Maple Ave 2nd floor and atticNew Meadow Rd fatalNew Meadow Rd fatalPilling Chain fireFF Matt Kane at MVA on the Trail NorthBarrington Fire and EP Fire at a rollover on Rt 114FF Scott Carrol and Matt Kane at the Old River Rd fire
Colonial Ave fireColonial Ave firePolice chase with crash into AceFF Ian Hopkins on rightFF Jason Fanion and Scott CarrollFemale patient wedged between tree and a limb that pinned her 35ft in the air.
Updated: May 9, 2018
Old River Rd. structure fire dispatch