Engine 2 responded mutual aid to 260 Boyd Ave in EP.  Lt Cotta and FF Leighton are seen in this photo making entry into the second floor to initiate an interior attack.
House Fire at 149 Narragansett Ave 11-30-11.  Mutual aid from East Providence, Seekonk, and Warren. One victim with 2nd and 3rd degree burns.
©Chip Miller©Chip Miller©Chip Miller©Fanion©Fanion©Fanion©Fanion
FF's Pete Moreau and Steve DestefanoFF's Pete Moreau and Steve DestefanoFF's Pete Moreau and Steve DestefanoFF's Pete Moreau and Steve Destefano
C-group Maple Ave structure fire November 23rd
Fully involved van fire on Rumstick Rd.
BFD's Lt. Oberg and FF Sanchez responded on
Engine-1 mutual aid to The Old Grist Mill Restaurant Fire.  All photos are courtesy of Syd Bauman
Group A was called for a reported basement fire Feb 26 at Newport Creamery on County Rd at 2200hrs.  911 calls from the manager reported the building was filling with smoke and the basement was on fire.  E2,L1,R1 and E4 were dispatched.

E2 arrived on scene and found the 1st floor charged with smoke.  A code red was transmitted and command requested 2 engines and a ladder from East providence,  a RIT engine from Seekonk to the fire scene.  Crews found  fire in a storage room below grade that was beginning to extend above the drop ceiling.  Walls were opened up, ceilings were pulled and a quick knock down was made.  Companies on scene were tied up for a few hours removing smoke and overhauling.
The BFD was called out to a chimney fire on  Anoka Ave.  Upon arrival crews found fire around the vent pipe from a wood stove on the 1st floor.  The fire self extinguished as apparatus arrived.  L1 put the stick to the roof and checked for extension.  L1 reported the entire chimney was unstable and in danger of collapse due to fire.  Command established a collapse zone and ordered the chimney to be disassembled to a point where crews could find stable brick and mortar.  No extension to the residence was found
Photo by FF CaisseFF Ryan CardosoPhoto by FF Caisse
The Barrington Fire Department recently hired 5 new firefighters in December to fill vacencies left by retirements.  The recruits were led by Training Officer Lt Ed Owens and they all have been placed on BFD apparatus as probationary firefighters for one year.  The BFD has also hired an additional 2 firefighters as of March 1st due to vacancies left by permanant members who left for another department.
Two Warren men, both 23, and a Cranston woman, 29, refused medical treatment Sunday evening after a 14-foot boat sank in Narragansett Bay off Rumstick Point.  The two Warren men in the boat apparently attempted to tow the distressed woman to shore in her kayak.

“We got a 911 call Sunday night at 7 pm for a kayaker in distress and people in the water,” he said.  “911 was able to ‘ping’ the caller’s cell phone and we were given coordinates for our GPS, which put the caller 300 feet off Barrington Beach."

“We responded as part of the Narragansett Bay Marine Task Force (Barrington, Warren, Bristol, Warwick and Providence),” Fanion said. “Our Marine 1 arrived on scene and found a 14-foot boat that had sunk.”

“It turns out that a kayaker was paddling from Warwick across the Bay and got in rough water,” Fanion said.  “A nearby boat went to assist the kayaker when the vessel began taking on water and sank, sending two people into the water."

Fanion said EMTs in Rescue 1 went to the rear of a home at 343 Rumstick Road and evaluated the victims for possible hypothermia.  The two people on the boat were in the water over an hour and the kayaker paddled to Rumstick.  
A Chevy Suburban crashed into a utility pole and a fire hydrant on Maple Avenue in Barrington on Friday afternoon at about 2:30 p.m. According to a release from the Barrington Fire Department, the SUV was heading east on Maple when the driver lost control and struck the pole and hydrant. Officials believe the driver may have experienced a “medical episode” prior to the accident. The snapped pole strained wires along Maple Avenue and the hydrant flooded a portion of the road near the intersection with Barrington Avenue. Rescue personnel rushed the driver to a hospital with non-life-threatening injuries.
The Barrington Fire Department responded to a basement fire at a Salisbury Road residence on Thursday afternoon, September 6, 2013  that claimed the life of the homeowners’ cat. According to a report from the department, the emergency call was placed just after 6 p.m. The homeowner arrived home and upon opening his front door “found thick black smoke inside the residence and called 911.” The fire department reportedly arrived on scene and encountered heavy smoke. “We proceeded to the basement area and encountered moderate heat and zero visibility,” stated a release from the department. “With the use of a TIC (Thermal Imaging Camera) we were able to find the seat of the fire and extinguished it with a single attack line.” The home — located at 26 Salisbury Road — reportedly sustained smoke damage to the first and second floors. The fire also damaged floor joists inside the home.
Barrington firefighters extinguished a blaze at an Acre Avenue home early Sunday evening, Sept. 8, 2013 caused by a propane gas grill.

The grill apparently “flared up” and ignited the siding on the home at 71 Acre Ave. at approximately 5:45 p.m., according to Barrington Fire Lt. Ed Owens. “Arriving companies had heavy smoke and fire showing from the rear of the home,”

One person was transported to Rhode Island Hospital by Barrington EMTs with non-life threatening injuries, he said.

The fire was extinguished in about an hour.   An East Providence engine company provided coverage of the  fire headquarters until Barrington was back in service under the mutual aid agreement with the department.

      September 8, 2013 firefighters were called to a report of a fire at 86 Ferry Lane. The fire was extinguished by the homeowner before firefighters arrived.  An investigation determined that the homeowner was using a liquid wood finish for a woodworking project, said Owens. He disposed of the rags soaked in the finish in a trash can in his home workshop.

“The rags spontaneously combusted, igniting the trash can,” The blaze did not spread to the workshop, Owens said.

The fire was the second one this summer caused by spontaneous combustion of rags saturated with a wood-finishing product.  “Special care should be used when dealing with oil-soaked rags to avoid these types of fire.

More than $3,600 was raised for the Muscular Dystrophy Association (MDA) by Barrington firefighters on Aug 31, 2013 at the Barrington Shopping Plaza.  This is a new record for the BFD
      The Barrington Fire Department recently took possession of an automated external defibrillator from Lifespan.  Marianne Stepanian, cardiac project coordinator for Lifespan Community Health Services, recently delivered the AED to Firefighter David J Paull at the Barrington Public Safety Building.
FF Paull applied for the AED grant on behalf of the Bay Spring Community Center and the application was approved. Once renovation work concludes at the community center the AED will be installed in a highly visible location within the building. This grant brings the total number of town owned AED's in service to 21. AED's in conjunction with quality CPR contribute to a much greater chance for return of spontaneous circulation for a cardiac arrest patient.  This AED grant is part of a broader program the Barrington Fire Department is undertaking and will be revealed at the September 3rd Town Council meeting.

Barrington is now a “heart safe" community.  Fire Chief Gerald Bessette led a contingent of firefighters from Barrington and East Providence that made the announcement at the Town Council meeting on Tuesday night, Sept. 3.  Barrington is the sixth community in Rhode Island to be given the designation.

The “heart safe” designation means that Barrington residents who suffer heart attacks can now expect to see their chance of survival doubled or even tripled because of the number of people trained in cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) and the number of automated external defibrillators (AED) in town.

The "heart safe" program is a collaboration of the American Heart Association and the RI Department of Health. It is "based on the principle that lives can be saved by being prepared with prevention, early access to care, early CPR, early defibrillation, and early advanced care," according to information distributed at the council meeting by the fire chief.

Many pieces of the criteria were already in place when Barrington sought the designation, according to Bessette. Other criteria were obtained over the past several months.

Criteria include:
•AED units placed in public buildings, schools and police vehicles.
•Personnel in public buildings and schools trained in CPR and AED use.
•Firefighters trained in advanced cardiac life support.
•Police officers trained in CPR and AED use.
•CPR and AED training offered to as many residents as possible.
•Businesses encouraged to train personnel in CPR and AED use and to obtain an AED in the facility.

Among the public buildings in Barrington with AEDs are:
•Town Hall
•Public Library
•Senior Center
•Public Works
•Public Safety (Police and Fire)
•Town Beach
•Fire Department apparatus
•School Administration

Private buildings with AEDs are Barrington Urgent Care, Temple Habonim, and the Bayside YMCA.

A pickup truck incurred heavy front-end damage when it slammed into a utility pole on Saturday morning, Aug 10, 2013.

The truck was heading south on the Wampanoag Trail near Winsor Driver.  The crash happened about 8:30 am and scrambled traffic for a while until the vehicle was towed and the crash site cleaned up.

A National Grid repair crew was called to the site to assess damage to the pole.
Over the past 6 months all 24 members of the BFD went through extensive training on the Sterling F4 Personal Escape Decender in conjunction with the  Gemtor Class-2 Harness at the East Providence Fire Departments training facility.
Each member of the BFD has been assigned his own harness and escape device.  This equipment allows for firefighters to safely "Bail out" of a room above grade when their lives are in immanent danger and his original point of egress has been cut off by fire or collapse. 

The BFD also trained on "Bailing out" of a room above grade head first down an extension ladder in order to save their own life if conditions become life threatening. 

A & B group training day
C & D group training day
D-group was dispatched to 278 Narragansett Ave for a structure fire.  Upon arrival crews had fire showing from the roof.  Multiple hose lines were deployed and extensive overhaul was done to extinguish the fire.  Mutual aid from EP and Seekonk was requested to the scene and Warren FD provided station coverage.
B-Group responded to an 18 wheeler vs. a single cab pick-up.  There were 2 victims that were transported to RIH with various injuries.  An extensive extrication was performed to remove the victims. R1,2 E1 and Ladder 1 responded.  All scene photos are property of BPD.
BFD Honor Guard at the 2015 Memorial Day Parade with Senator Sheldon Whitehouse.
L-R; FF Mike Read, FF Nick Tessitore, FF Josh Rocha, FF Dave Reitman, Fire Chief Gerald Bessette
B-Group extrication training on damaged BPD vehicle.
D-group was called for a structure fire at 20 Bullock Ave Thursday January 16th.  BPD was initially dispatched for a 911 hang-up.  When officers arrived on scene they found fire in a bedroom on the first floor and requested fire apparatus. 
E1,E2 and R1 responded and made a quick knock down of the fire.  1 person was transported to the ED for evaluation.  The police have since charged a resident with arson after it was determined that rubbing alcohol was used to start the fire.
The BFD was recently awarded a $153,000 AFG Grant for conversion to the RISCON 800 MHz System.  Senator Whitehouse was instrumental in helping us obtain our new digital communications equipment.  Members are training on the new technology and we should be on the 800MHz system by Spring.
C-Group responded to a fire in a landscaping truck on Bosworth Street.  Members were able to knock the fire down quickly.
B-Group responded to an HVAC fir at the Shell Station on County Rd.  The fire extended to the roof structure and was extinguished with extensive overhaul and hand lines.  MA from East Providence, Seekonk and Warren was requested.
The BFD was recently awarded a $153,000 AFG Grant for conversion to the RISCON 800 MHz System.  Senator Whitehouse was instrumental in helping us obtain our new digital communications equipment.  Members are training on the new technology and we should be on the 800MHz system by Spring.
B-Group responded to a basement fire at 85 Boyce Ave at 0230.  2 lines were deployed to the basement before part of the 1st floor collapsed while crews were operating.  A defensive operation was established.  The ambient temp outside at the time of the fire was 15 and the wind chill was below zero.  Mutual aid was called in from East Providence, Seekonk and Warren.
1st line being stretched
B-Group responded to an HVAC fir at the Shell Station on County Rd.  The fire extended to the roof structure and was extinguished with extensive overhaul and hand lines.  MA from East Providence, Seekonk and Warren was requested.
A-group fought a structure fire Friday  at 41 Colonial Ave.  Off duty fire Lt. Ed Owens spotted the fire while driving home.  Lt. Owens advised 911 that there was heavy fire showing from side 1 and 2 and that 3 vehicles were present at the residence.  Lt. Owens kicked in the front door and made 2 attempts at a search for victims before retreating due to heat and smoke.
BFD's E1,R1,L1,C1 arrived on scene and conducted a primary search.  The house was found to be unoccupied.  The fire eventually went to a 4 alarm equivalent bringing in Barrington's off duty personnel, East Providence Fire, Warren Fire, Seekonk, MA Fire and the Providence Canteen.
The fire took hours to bring under control and the residence is believed to be a total loss.  The State Fire Marshall is still investigating a cause.  3 firefighters were injured in the fire.

Photo credits- Bob Thayer,Rich Dionne, Officer Pinto, Josh Bickford
C-Group responded for a rollover Maple Ave @ Princess Hill last week.  Members found an SUV that had rolled and another sedan with front end damage.  3 Rescues were called to the scene along with Engine 1 and Engine 2.  2 patients were transported with minor injuries.
November 23rd Engine 1 responded to a well involved car fire at 20 Burr Ave.  The vehicle was a total loss.
The BFD responded to a structure fire November 26th at 30 Burr Ave around 2023hrs.  Mutal aid was requested from East Providence bringing an additional ladder and engine to the scene.  Seekonk E2 was sent to the scene as a RIT.  Warren FD provided station coverage.
The fire started on the exterior of the residence and made its way into the attic via the gable vent.  (Photos courtesy of Rich Dionne Eastbayri.com)
FF Caisse FF CaisseFF Caisse
The BFD  swore in 5 probationary firefighters at last nights council meeting December 3rd.  The BFD welcomes FF's Mancini, Larisa, Reitman, Tessitore and Mirkovic and wishes them luck on their new career.
FF Dave ReitmanFF Tom ManciniFF Milos MirkovicFF Nick TessitoreFF Robert LarisaFF
C-group was called on January 8th for a reported basement fire on Blanding Ave..  Arriving units found heavy smoke pouring from the front door of the residence when they arrived shortly after 2AM.  The house sat on a 1.5 foot crawl space and fire had started under the boiler in the crawl space.  Firefighters from East Providence were special called to the scene to assist.  The residence is not livable due to the structural damage on the 1st floor.